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20 Tips To Get Organized Today!

1- Find a place for everything.  Everything should be neat and tidy and put away. If there is no place for it to go, consider going through your items and purging.
2- Purge clutter. Anything that is not adding value to your life, consider getting rid of.
3- Simplify your morning routine. With a little planning, we can save time in the morning. Consider picking out your wardrobe the night before, and putting items you need to take, by the door.
4- Go through your wardrobe every 6 months. Items that you haven't worn for the last year, consider donating to someone in need.
5-  Create routine with all your paperwork/ bills. Have reminders in your calendar for when bills are due and sit down the same time every month to pay them. Getting in routine can be key in staying on top of your paper affairs.
6- Utilize technology to downsize on paperwork. Consider scanning important documents and storing them on an external drive for safe keeping, shred the paper copies (Unless of course original documents are required)
7- Organize and downsize desk. Keep minimal stuff on top of your desk, store the rest away until you are ready to use them. Keep only what you need.
8- Consider going through your email list and unsubscribing from email lists that you no longer need. This can keep your email box cleaner and more organized.
9- Make notes before you get on an important phone call. This will ensure you do not forget any important points.
10- Keep records of tasks that you are responsible for and tasks that you have delegated, and follow up on those tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.
11- Sort, file or purge electronic documents. Make sure you don't have duplicates stored.
12- Meal planning can significantly cut down on your time in the kitchen. Using a crock pot often can also cut down on time in the kitchen.
13- Create a grocery list on the fridge. When you think of items add them to the list. This will ensure you don't forget anything while you are at the store, and avoids multiple trips.
14- Organize your kitchen. Keep like items together. Storing pasta, rice and cereals together makes taking a quick inventory easier.
15- Clean up as you go. If you finish with a dish, rinse or wash it off and put it directly into the dishwasher
16- Over estimate on the time you allow for a task. Doing this will compensate for interruptions or delays.
17- Break large projects into small steps and put those small steps on your calendar. Sometimes large projects can be overwhelming, but small steps every day are less stressful.
18- Keep a notepad and pen on your desk, in your car, by your bed and any other places ideas may come to you. If ideas or tasks come to you, you can write it down and won't forget it.
19- Keep small projects or a book with you. Waiting in the doctors office might not seem so annoying if you can catch up on a small project while you are waiting.
20- Use a planner to track your appointments, important dates, tasks, birthdays. Planners come in handy so you don't forget any important event or deadline.


Organization isn't about perfection, it's about efficiency. Reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.

                                     ----Christina Scalise