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Clearing Clutter

Be on your way to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle!

The more you have the more you are occupied. The less you have the more free you are. ---Mother Teresa

Why Do We Accumulate Clutter?

Keeping it for a rainy day

Even if we have not picked it up in 10 years, we see it as useful 'someday'. Shifting our focus is critical here. 'What purpose does this item serve in my life currently?' Holding on to an item just incase, displays distrust that the universe won't provide you with something better. 

Attached to a memory

Ticket stubs from vacations, brochures, things that don't really serve a purpose and just take up space. Extra stuff that is not being used = stagnant energy. Sure, keep some photos, just maybe not boxes of them. Most definitely don't keep photos that remind you of bad or hard times. The idea here is to attract more good memories.

Security blanket

The fear of losing everything prompts us to want to hang on to everything we have. Remember, it's just stuff. There is no amount of stuff in the world that can truly make you happy. With the way to world is today, we are constantly encouraged to buy more, without truly appreciating what we already have. Somehow we have been convinced that more is better, when that could not be further from the truth. Separating ourselves from the gratification of things can serve us a great deal.

What Are The Side Effects Of Keeping Clutter?


The first side effect comes in the form of extra cleaning. Imagine a house so full of clutter, it is impossible to keep everything tidy and clean. The more clutter you have, the more you have to clean.


The more we hang on to, the harder it is for us to move forward into creating a better future. When we hang on to everything, it sends the vibration to the universe that we don't have any room for more and better. When we have too much clutter we tend to dwell in the past, and it makes it harder for us to have clarity in our current life.


When we keep extra clutter, it can actually affect us physically. It can physically weigh us down and make us feel lethargic and unmotivated. Everything is made up of energy, when we keep a bunch of items that we are not using, it becomes stagnant energy. It can even make people physically sick, and is actually a health hazard. Sometimes we hang on to things for so long without using them, it gets mold, mildew, excessive dust on it.


Often clutterholics are very disorganized, and this leads to overall frustration. Imagine how frustrated you get when you can't find an important paper. Now, imagine how you feel when you know exactly where everything is.


Having extra clutter can make you feel in a depressive state with a feeling of hopelessness surrounding you. Of course clearing clutter should never replace medical treatment, but clearing the clutter should not be overlooked as part of the treatment.


Having clutter can even cause feuding and tension between you and other household members. The clashing of energy leads to overall frustration. 

Tips For Clearing Clutter

Be totally honest with yourself as to what you need! This may take a few times to go through things. Our mood will influence what we decide to get rid of and what we decide to hang on to. It is helpful to go through the same area every few months until you reach your desired outcome.

If you haven't used it in 6 months- 1 year, consider how important it is to keep it in your life. Is it possible the universe will provide you with something much better?

Sort everything into 4 piles. Sell/give away- Fix-Throw away-Keep. Surely just because you don't need it anymore doesn't mean someone else won't love and appreciate it. The fix pile is for things you truly love and can easily fix, and most importantly will fix. Keep only what you love to make room for more of what you love.

Make sure everything has a place to go. If its not being used and has no place to go, its got to go!

Get organized! Storing similar things together will simplify your life significantly. When you are looking for something you will know exactly where it is! A filing cabinet for paperwork is a great investment! All necessary paperwork will have a home.

Think 3x before you buy. Impulse buys can be a silent killer to many people. Not only are you spending necessary money, but you are adding to the clutter. Freeze your credit cards in some water if you have to.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Procrastination is a killer in productivity. It doesn't matter how big your steps are in starting, its just important to start!

If you are having a hard time starting, hire a professional. You will be thankful you did! Sometimes it is better for someone else to tell us we need to clean up our life than to hear it from ourselves!