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I'm going to be honest...

It's November, and I am already excited about Christmas. Yes, I am one of those people who started decorating already. Nothing brings me more joy than when I see Antoine get excited for the tree, lights and the whole 9 yards (excited is an understatement). I was at Target just a few days ago and they have everything for the holidays out, and that kind of inspired me to start. Every year I notice an overwhelming amount of holiday scented candles & air fresheners. I love the smell of a Christmas tree just like any other person, but there is something very important to discuss here. What is inside these aromatic products? My answer would be who knows- it's a mystery. I'm going to strongly urge you not to purchase these products, and I have 4 good reasons why...

stay positive

Secret Ingredients aka "fragrance"

Air fresheners are not regulated by the FDA, and companies are actually not required to list all of the ingredients. Most use the term "fragrance" on their ingredients list, which could be a blanket term for 100 or more synthetic toxic chemicals. 

Toxic Chemicals

The chemicals inside these air fresheners have been shown in numerous  studies to contain hormone disrupting chemicals- phthalates. Some have even contained chemicals such as formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene, aerosol pollutants. Not to mention we would be breathing them in, which can especially irritate asthmatics and those with respiratory issues.

Impacts Health

Hormone disrupting chemicals found in fragrance can have critical lifelong effects on reproductive health and development. This is definitely true for galaxolide and tonalide ( which have been detected in human blood, breast milk, and even in newborns) and phthalates (which have been linked to reproductive harm in baby boys).

Unnecessary Exposure

Especially now, we have so many chemicals and pollutants that we are exposed to, air fresheners are unfortunately another one- but unnecessary. We use air fresheners to mask a bad smell, but if we just find the root cause of the smell, can't we avoid these toxic chemicals? 

Which brings me to my next point...

What if we just like the fragrant smell?  What can we use instead that is 100% natural?

Essential oils!

A diffuser (or in my case 3 of them)  was one of the best investments I made.  With just a few drops of essential oils, and water, I was well on my way. The best part is, there are therapeutic benefits to diffusing these magical oils! So, we can still have our house smelling like a Christmas tree or candy cane, without all the harmful chemicals!

Like I promised, I have 12 Holiday Essential Oil Blends for you too.  If you are new to essential oils you can check out my page for Aromatherapy: For Beginners. You can also find great quality diffusers here.  Click on the essential oils below to check price
fir needle, spruce, orange, nutmeg, bergamot, ginger, clove bud, cinnamon,  orange, frankincense, sandalwood, cedar wood, cardamom, peppermint, wintergreen, rosemary, sage, thyme, black pepper,  chamomile,  lemongrass, grapefruit. 



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